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Best Places to Visit in Asia

From mega-metropolises to remote islands, Asia's top travel spots offer a healthy dose of adventure, ancient history and culture. After considering local prices, accessibility and the variety of attractions in each destination, along with traveler feedback, U.S. News ranked the best places to visit in Asia.

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From the England and France to Italy and Germany, European countries are full of vibrant cities known for museums, restaurants, nightlife and architecture, so deciding which one to visit on vacation can be difficult.the 17 best travel destinations in Europe.

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Africa & The Middle East

Africa and the Middle East may not always register on the average traveler's radar. But those who visit have the chance to experience a duet of ancient and modern, of wild and urban, of East and West. To help you start your exploration

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Australia & The Pacific

Although costly flights and long travel times can deter some from visiting Australia and its Pacific neighbors, should you decide to travel to Australia and the South Pacific, it's useful to know the best spots to explore

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